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PCP : polyvalent cranial protector , Protection for the head of the pilots


Hydrogen Experiments were carried out to evaluate the influence of the addition of H gas to the air in the intake engine. What research shows is that the addition of H gas can improve the combustion efficiency process due to the different combustion properties of hydrogen in comparison to conventional fuels.


Our Products Advantages
1 - Reduce your fuel spendings.
2 - Increases the power and performance . The more fuel you burn, the more the up and engine gets rattled wrecked. Once you switch to supplemental hydrogen, it will enhance power and performance.
3 - Reduces the CO2 emissions. Eliminating pollution and other harmful residues that our engines produce. What´s wrong with doing also something good for the environment besides saving money?
4 - Reduces the temperature in the engine. Also improves engine life-span since its burning fuel at a much cooler state.
5 - Removes the carbon residues inside your engine and prevent future carbon deposits.
6 - Lower noise and vibrations in the engine. Hydrogen effect in the combustion cycle. The engine will sound much quieter than it was before. This is due to higher combustion eficiency .
7 - Increases the life span of your engine.