GammaMaris International
GammaMaris International

Our current team

All our services are applicable at shore and offshore.

Our company has competent, committed and experienced employees.


With standard procedures to follow in all our repairs and installations. Always you will have a personal and direct contact with us so that we can provide the best service.

Mechanic & Machining

Repair , balanced and manufacturing all kinds of parts & Instruments for the full function of your machine.




Renewal paint , all paints (epoxy, polyurethane ...)




Steel & weld

We have a great team of welders, pipe fitters and steel workers ready for Any type of repair



Electricity & Electronics

Repair and replacement of all electrical and electronic equipment




The necessary cleaning service in the industry





Business hours 

weekdays from 8 to 18 hours

+34 856226717+34 856226717

C/ Virgen de la Palma

Bloque 10 2-B

La Línea de la Concepción




24h assistance

+34 633201458


Main e-mail :


Algeciras office e-mail :


Barcelona office  e-mail :


If you wish, you can also contact us through our contact form.