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Renewal paint , all paints (epoxy, polyurethane ...)


Pre-painted steel can have the same pollutants as the new steel, except calamine, which had been previously deleted, or dropped over time, dragging fragments of paint. In maintenance often found painted dirty surfaces of different pollutants, with corroded areas and covered with paint in good or poor areas. Painting in good condition should be cleaned only superficially, whereas if it is in poor condition should be removed as if it were a pollutant.


1. Clean and degrease


2. Rinse with fresh, clean water and let dry


3. Remove loose material painting and any corrosion


4. Sand entire surface


5. Remove dust


6. Repair scratches and imperfections with patching primer and putty to reach the final topcoats or antifouling.

  • Interior Painting
  • Paint tanks
  • Boat hull Paint
  • High pressure washing
  • Name of ship painting
  • Marks and signs , tanks, bulbous bow, propellers, ...




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